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Cassandra by Tyanite Cassandra by Tyanite
Trojan Prophetess, Cassandra. She found out exactly what happens when you turn down Apollo's offers of sex.
He gave her the gift of accurate prophecy to try and get her to fuck him...Cassandra pointed out that she doesn't see him with her in the future, and anyway he is just going to have sex with Dionysus in a few hours or so. Apollo did not like this news very much and so cursed her to never be believed, until after the fact. It was quite infuriating for the little prophetess, and even drove her insane.
Although she saw the downfall of Troy, she was helpless to stop it, and in some instances, she even helped cause it by trying to prevent it. She was taken as a concubine by Agamemnon after being violently raped in the Temple of Apollo by Ajax. Clytemnestra killed her after Agamemnon.
I am really proud of Cassandra and Trojan Women's designs in general. Too bad there are only like...three famous Trojan women. Her eyes are golden, like Apollo's for a reason. Originally they were probably brown or something like that, but when she gained the sight, her eyes changed to Apollos.
She is the twin sister of Helenus.

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