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Pan by Tyanite Pan by Tyanite
God of the wilderness, shepards and sex! (gives you a good idea of the Ancient Greek countryside, huh?)
Pan is the son of Hermes and Fauna and isn't he just the cutest? He is a sheepy satyr! Isn't that cute? Sheep tails are actually that long and fluffy when left undocked. It is the cutest!
Pan is definitely the black sheep. He is best buddies with Dionysus, good friends with Apollo and well, Hermes is his dad so that. He, like Dionysus, can drive people kinda crazy if he wanted too, and can certainly insight panic. He also likes to sleep around a lot, and is basically Omnisexual.

Goddess of War, Athena:[link]
Goddess of Hunt, Artemis:[link]
Goddess of the Harvest, Demeter:[link]
Goddess of the Home, Hestia:[link]
Goddess of Flowers, Persephone: [link]
Goddess of Beautty, Aphrodite: [link]
Queen Goddess, Hera:[link]

King of the Gods, Zeus:[link]
God of the Sun, Apollo:[link]
God of Wine, Dionysus:[link]
God of Messengers, Hermes:[link]
God of War, Ares:[link]
God of the Dead, Hades:[link]

The ladies of Fate:[link]
The sex-slave cup-bearer, Ganymede. [link]
And here is Twin lovers gods of Death and Sleep, Thanatos and Hypnos: [link]
DIY Surgery Victim, Medusa [link]
Goddess of insecurities Youth, Hebe:[link]
God of Love, Eros:[link]

The Titanides: [link]
Athena's mother and Zeus' first love, Metis:[link]
Prometheus, Titan of doing stupid things:[link]

Trojan porn Prince, Paris:[link]
Hectors Wife, Andromache:[link]
Achaean Hero, Prince Achilles:[link]
The Beautiful Boobs Helen: [link]
The Good Trojan Prince, Hector: [link]
Insane Prophetess, Cassandra:[link]
Achilles' War Prize, Briseis:[link]
What is even up with his hair, Helenus:[link]
The woman who breaks Dionysus' heart, Ariadne:[link]
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Love the designs you've given these characters =3
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